How To Setup A Small Website On GitHib

Easy instructions to setup a new account and prepare GitHub the right way to allow a small website at ( )

This does NOT walk you through the creating or coding of a website but rather prepares your github account the right way to let you host either a JS based website or static HTML.

Files hosted on the free version of GitHub ARE NOT PRIVATE!!!
Your only goal is to create a place online for people to view your content / images / website. Do not store personal information on GitHub 

My website:  is written in JavaScript and is not static html and is an example of how you can use GitHub to host a small website

  1. Visit:
  2. Create username, choose one that would be ok as heading ur url for your
  3. For example username "LoopyCookies"  will become
  4. Choose: Unlimited public repositories for free and hit continue
  5. Skip the "Tailor Experience Step" for now
  6. Choose "Start A Project"
  7. Verify Email address and return to website after complete
  8. you should be presented with a "Create New Repository" type screen.
  9. You will see two fields, "Owner" which will contain your username, followed by a / (slash) followed by the field labeled "Repository Name".
  10. In that second field, type
  11. For example with my username I would type
  12. Set the option to be "public"
  13. Set the option for "Initialize this repository with README."
  14. Hit "Create repository"
  15. You will be taken to a largish screen that has a lot of buttons and information. On top in blue will be your
    loopycookies /
    Look down and to the right ad in the area where there is a green "Clone Or Download" button.

  16. To the left of that button there are 3 buttons, "Create new file", "Upload File", "Find File"
  17. Choose "Create new file"
  18. Type in the edit area, "Hello There"
  19. Just above, where it says, "Name Your File", enter index.html.
  20. now scroll down to bottom, where it says, "Commit new file"
  21. in first line just enter some text like, "adding new file"
  22. Make sure "Commit directly to the master branch" is chosen, and hit
    "Commit new file"
  23. Vist your site in a new browser window and type in: (using your usnername instead)
  24. You should see "Hello There" in the browser.
  25. Your site has is now live, and that index.html file represents the landing page of your website and you can now edit this html file, add to it, add more files, etc.

What To Do Next? 

From here what I'd recommend is download github desktop and setup a folder on your desktop where you would store and work on files from your local machine. GitHub Desktop then allows you to sync files and content back and forth. This way you can avoid the clunky online GitHub interface except when absolutely necessary.

With this folder and GitHub desktop setup, anything you dump in that folder will be synced online.

Keep in Mind, files hosted on GitHub ARE NOT PRIVATE!!!