Swap Out Google as your iOS search engine.

By default, Google is embedded into much of what you do on your iPhone, even if you're not a Google user. 

If you're like me and getting a little more uneasy with the tactics and tracking methods of Google, there is one easy solution for iPhone users that can help offload at least some of your online life out of the googlesphere. 

What I will show you how to do is change out Google as the default search engine for your phone, to DuckDuckGo. Google will now no longer be tracking everything you search for and do online, at least while you are on your phone.

This will replace Google in Safari and as the default "web" search in Siri. If you're not thrilled with the change, rest assured it's just as simple to change back.

Personally I have not felt like I'm missing anything and there's a part of me that's content in the knowledge I've slowed down Google's takeover of my life just a teensy bit. 

1. Go into settings on your iPhone, and scroll down and click on the entry for Safari:

2. Next, locate the section for the search engine and click on this:

 3. Finally, choose DuckDuckGo

That's it!

Now when you use Siri, or search the web in Safari, Google will no longer be involved in the process and involved in everything you do.