We Work For, But Are Not, The Company

Linked In needs a better way to separate "me" as an individual vs "me" as an employee at "some company".

Likewise: What Industry am I in? Why is this relevant to "me" and my career?

That's a company thing.

Maybe the company I work for now is in plastic manufacturing for Aerospace industry, but how is this relevant to "me", the person, here on LinkedIn?

Perhaps my job was working for the front end website to help make it look nice to visitors or as a Sys Admin managing servers or 100 other responsibilities that have nothing to do with manufacturing plastic or aerospace.

Does it matter what >>my<< industry was? And that "they" made plastic parts?

Not really, right?

Why do I want to be connected with other people and companies in the Plastic manufacturing or Aerospace Industry?

There is a huge disconnect here that no one has figured out.