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The Author is a Web Developer and Graphic Designer who relocated in 2009 from the New York City area to South Florida. He's taught Architects how to use a CAD machine, knows the difference between a metaball and a voxel, a layer mask and a smart object, can code in PHP while strumming a guitar and writes poems about programming in Javascript before he jots down ideas for songs that are about people he never met named Judy, John, and Mary.
Had one of these 5 Years
before the first iPhone &
12 years before the Note 3.
He's written over 100 pieces of music never to break the top 100 charts and was spotted in 2002 jotting down notes with a stylus on a GPS equipped, wifi enabled, touch screen Pocket PC that allowed online communication 12 years before the Samsung Note 3 temporarily became his favorite smartphone, which oddly enough also featured a stylus on a GPS equipped, wifi enabled, touch screen device to allow online communication.
Replica of my old Honda

His first smartphone was the first generation iPhone from 2007 of which he still has two that still work over 10 years later, very much unlike three of his recently purchased Android Phones which failed to start after less than 6 months of use, and no doubt it's because of this failure to start or rather re-start, that he opted less than a year ago to return to his iPhone roots. At least for a time. But he is known to flip-flop between iOS and Android every few years as the ebb and flow of power and hardware flashiness shifts between Google and Apple and it's obvious from listening to him discuss phones for any length of time that he has no loyalty towards any brand, and holds no allegiance to any one smartphone operating system, only that looks for the best in any given calendar year. And much like Winter comes after Autumn and Spring eventually comes after Autumn as well, Android will come after iOS and iOS will come after Android and the cycle will repeat once again.
He never once owned a BlackBerry yet ironically during the long summer vacations in his early childhood he spent in New Hampshire, he picked many BlackBerries by hand and was told that Bears prefer Blackberries more than Raspberries. Since that time, whenever he approaches BlackBerry patches he keeps a keen eye out for the occasional wandering berry eating Black bear that, luckily, doesn't happen very often in South Florida.
He has a wife from Brazil, a son who grew up in Florida yet loves the New York Giants, a skittish Dachshund named Husky who hunts Mangos in his free time and not one of them know jQuery, or javascript, or PHP to quite the level of proficiency he does yet all roll their eyes when he describes his latest function to generate dynamic content on the fly, functions not named Judy or John or Mary because that would not be appropriate.
100 cc's proved inadequate so he jumped
to a nice 1100cc model 
He has hiked up Mount Washington at least twice, ridden down Splash Mountain at Disney World at least twice, gone on sub freezing winter trips on a 100cc motocross bike from Vermont to the Atlantic Coast at least twice, seen Loch Ness from approximately 200 meters away just once and eaten such awful tasting foods as liver, brussel sprouts, swiss chard, and a hamburger in a restaurant in Queens that after being partially eaten was discovered to have had mold inside of it and he could not eat another burger for many years afterwards. It was during these post-hamburger years that the Author turned to Turkey burgers, Italian sausages, and shish-kabobs.
These experiences probably shaped his love of technology and gadgets, particularly those with rechargeable lithium ion batteries and one could even argue that if not for the abundance of Brussel Sprouts in his childhood diet, the author might have gone on to be a Dendrochronologist, Anthropologist, or an ophthalmologist just not in that order.

F-150 with 3" lift and a few other goodies.
Merlin: One of the first cool gadgets that
inspired... well probably no one, but it
was a good way to kill some time.  
Instead, his path led towards more rewarding professions such as installing computers at restaurants and writing essays about the potential problems of choosing maroon as the primary color for your website, and specifically maroon background with black lettering.

Challenges such as this have shaped his opinions and arguably played a vital role in getting him to move to Florida and buy a pickup truck because if he had to be a computer geek, at least he could claim to be one of the few remaining Red Neck Javascript Coding Computer Geeks that wear white socks with Crocs because in the end, his truck is bigger than yours and the color of one's socks shouldn't matter.

... But Seriously

Although I have Fullstack development skills, I consider myself a Front Developer and I've been involved in web design and development for quite some time, having originally started as a Graphic Designer, but finding my career pushing me more and more towards the "Development" career.
I love front end web development and while I'm skilled in Back End as well,  it's not what I LOVE to do. I am a visual person. I was always into Tech, into computers, and into graphic design and painting, but I never really had a chance to stop and take classes for this stuff unless you consider watching YouTube tutorials or CodeSchool as "Taking Classes."
I've worked on the front end and back end code on ecommerce sites for Citibank, Verizon, Allstate, AARP and many other large companies and have been put in positions where I had to write code in JavaScript or HTML or PHP or Java or CSS or Jquery or PhotoShop or SQL or how to build a WordPress site, or how to use BootStrap or Responsive Design. I was just thrown into projects and had to learn. Fast. How to write a web service or file processor in Java, how to use templates with javascript and track events realtime in google analytics on pages with dynamic content. How to setup a customer site with 2 million records that could drive sales for the company by tracking who was returning to the site based on a coupon code I prepopulated in the data.
My favorite coding tools are simply a text editor, a web browser and Photoshop. With those three tools alone, one can create the most fantastic sites and projects that can be imagined.