Is the Iphone X Really "Bigger"?

Here’s what Apple forgot to tell you about the iPhone X: The screen is not that big.

In fact, if you are upgrading from an iPhone 6 or 7 and want a more comfortable wider screen, the iPhone 8 plus is wider than the iPhone X and by default, so too is the iPhone 7 Plus and 6 Plus. The iPhone X screen is no wider across than the smaller 6 (and 7 and 8). Not the "plus", it's not wider than the regular cheaper non-plus model. 

Image © Eric Holbrook
It's just a bit taller than all those phones.

So technically it IS a bigger screen, but for many it might be bigger in the wrong direction.

This made me step back a bit when I stumbled across this information today. I have been debating recently what phone to upgrade from my iPhone 7. The Note 8, wait for the iPhone X, or upgrade to the iPhone 8 Plus. After years of using a Note 3, then 4 and other larger Android phones, my iPhone 7 feels cramped. When I Borrow my Wife's iPhone 7 Plus, it's such a nice relief to use a large screen again.

So I finally went to Apple's own website to see if I could get more information because I had this image in my mind of this huge screen iPhone X blowing away even the screens on the Note series.

5.8". wow. huge. Insane.

But according to Apple's own website, "In portrait orientation, the width of the display on iPhone X matches the width of the 4.7" displays of iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8."

Imagine your iPhone 7 screen, and extend the screen up to the front camera, and down across the home button. That will be the new size. I held up my iPhone 7 screen next to my wife's iPhone 7 plus screen. I didn't care about the height or tallness, simply how wide it felt, the screen real estate, from one side to the other, and thus how much larger and comfortable a typical web page felt and the difference in width of the screen is quite dramatic. One is big, one is small. No getting around this.

From a tech standpoint point, the iPhone X is a superior screen now that it's OLED and it will use less battery and be better in sunlight (the iPhone 7 in direct sun is awful especially when it dims it even further as it gets warm), but as far as being a big screen phone, the iPhone 8 plus will still feel bigger and most large Android phones will still dwarf the iPhone X In screen size.

I'd wait and see if they release an iPhone X Plus (no not a dress size) and see if they bump up the actual width of the screen. I don’t know but think people may actually be a little disappointed when they see and feel how small this “big” screen is.