True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds for iPhone or

If you like the idea of those wireless "AirPods" that Apple sells for their iPhone but are not in love with the insane price of around $160, I would try checking out these earbuds I came across after several misfires trying other types of models and brands. They sell for about $50 and offer the same lightweight, non-twist-and-push to insert type of feel.

In other words, they hang in your ear the same way your original iPhone earbuds do (which I personally think are some of the most comfortable earbuds), except there's no wires. You do not "insert" them into your ear and twist and wiggle them to fit snuggly like most cheaper headphones do.  They are unbelievably comfortable and even tilting your head to the side, they will not fall out.

They were very simple to pair to my iPhone. The first time around, you first pair the 2 earbuds to each other, then pair one of them to your phone. From that point on and for ever after, you simply press the power button on one of them, press power on the other, You will hear a "TWS Connected" message which means, "True Wireless Stereo" is now active, and away you go.

Turning off, you simply press one of them and both shut off.

They come with a charging case which lets you bring them both around and keep them charged without bring cables with you. Battery on the earbuds seems to last about 3 hours or so. The case charges the earbuds fully at least several times.

So far I've been very happy with them and I've order a second pair in black. They are a huge leap of comfort from the older wireless earbuds I had which were the twist and insert type. That type was a pain to remove and reinsert comfortably if someone wanted to quickly talk to you, and like any non-wireless twist/insert type earbud, began to hurt my ear after a few days of use. It's one reason the original Apple wired headphones are so damn comfortable, they just hang there.

Well, these feel exactly the same way except no wires and 1/3 the price of Apple's AirPods.

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They have a built in microphone. Hard to tell what the range is but I'd say around 20 to 30 feet.
Be aware that on Amazon there are hundreds of similar looking earbuds and not all are actually meant as stereo headphones but are sold as phone earpieces. Look for the term "TWS" or "True Wireless Stereo" as that is the key to how all these bluetooth wireless earpods work.

Because remember those big over the ear headphones that, while they were wireless and stereo of course, each ear was "wired" to each other.

The technology behind these earpods requires that (a) they are connected to bluetooth to your phone AND (b) there's a wireless, stereo connection to the 2nd earpod and (c) that the audio stream is separated out into two channels, left and right and the master earbud controls how this stream is distributed.

It's way more complex than your old bluetooth headphones. It's basically the same technology that lets you pair multiple speakers to each other.